General RP Rules

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General RP Rules

Post by Rebel_Mike2094 on Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:35 am

Post your character details in the new Character List to join the experience!: SIGN UP HERE

~ The submission must include the following information:

This RP is in real time format; and answers are usually fairly short. Common courtesy applies if you are going for break, afk...etc.

The name of your character(s) and their associated text colours. Each character must have a different colour, but neither of them has to be black. Also, try to avoid using hard to read colours like yellow, cyan and light pink.

Their race, age group and appearances, including colour and cutie mark, even if it is a show character.

A short but detailed background summary, including their personality and special talent.

Their relationship status (if applicable).

~  The following restrictions apply:

No alicorns. Only in special occasions they shall be usable.

No non-Equestrian species

No “villainous” species, such as changelings.

No incredibly overpowered characters, they have to have weaknesses or flaws.

Your character can have any number of hobbies or abilities, but what they truly excel at must be their special talent related to their cutie mark.

~  You can have a stockpile of up to UNLIMITED characters, but you can only use 4 at a time. ((Except for special events.))

You can only have more than one main canon character, and you can use others if they are immediate family, such as Rarity as a main and Sweetie Belle as an extra, but you must give up any extras if someone else wants to use them as their main.

~  If you wish to RP as a main character from the show, you must include a paragraph of interaction between the character and your OC in the style of the RP, to show that you can accurately mimic their personality and speech.

~  If you are using a character in another RP, you cannot have the same character in this RP, each RP is mutually exclusive to one another.

~  The post must include all of your characters names, text colours, genders, races, age groups and detailed descriptions of their appearances, then if anything ever changes you can edit yourself immediately instead of waiting for a mod. You can include any other information if you want, but remember that it can get confusing if an RPer reads extra information about your character that their character doesn’t know about yet. When you add or remove characters, you must add or remove them from the character thread.

- There's also a new combat system rule in place, so remember to include in your character profile.

RP Rules (Instantly Punishable)

~  No posting anything OOC, unless you use (( double parentheses )) or [[ double brackets ]]

~  No creating any situations worse than a clean mature rating, most anything goes but we draw the line at clop and excessive gore.

~  No grievously injuring or, heaven forbid, murdering another RPers characters, although feel free to send danger their way and give them the option to either get hit or dodge it.

~  No directly insulting or defacing other RPers or their characters. Your characters can insult whoever they want though, feel free to play a jerk character to their full potential.

~  No RPing as any characters other than your officially listed ones for any extended period of time, you may however use small, temporary NPC characters if need be (such as a shopkeeper). If you have to use a show character (for example, you are RPing as Rainbow Dash, and you need Scootaloo for a storyline) make it as quick as possible, and avoid characterizing the extra, so that they are still a blank slate if anyone picks them as their character later.

~  No ignoring one of your character’s for any extended period of time, otherwise you may as well delete them from your character list. If you neglect a show character for too long they may even be taken from you and given to someone who does intend to use them.

~ Clop, Gore & other NSFW rules Affects the main RP; but DOES NOT affect RP Sub Categories with appropriate headings. E.g, Crossovers if stated. If NSFW is not stated in tile heading, then elements of NSFW is not allowed.. ((Unless by PM.))

RP Guidelines (Leeway Permitted)

~  Use italics, *asterixes* or some other notifier for actions, rather than plain text.

~  Try to use proper grammar and spelling. I understand not everyone is perfect (and some don’t even speak English as their first language) but most problems are simply caused by rushing.

~  Any effects dealt from and to another player, the affected player should be a sport unless they deny the effect, at their discretion of course.

~  The character that starts the fight will receive First strike regardless of skill type.

~  Don’t be an attention seeker or glory hog, let other RPers have their moments too.

~  Don’t double post. If replying to several RPers, try to fit it all in one post.

~  On a related note, make sure you check for replies, because if someone edits their post and adds a reply to you, it won’t notify you.

~  Make sure to check the character thread to see what the other RPers characters race and gender are, and what they look like, in order to keep immersion (in real life you would immediately know what someone looked like). Also make sure to keep an eye on the RP front page for info on upcoming or running events, and changes in any character’s appearance (Character List preferably).

RP Combat System Rules:
In the character profile, a character must be stated having either a special 'STRENGTH', 'AGILITY' or 'SKILL' trait. Unless, the character say 'no combat type', and you will not be allowed to attack the character. As for the environment and circumstances of the fight, the character simply must be 'defeated', not killed, if someone else has the advantage. If two combat types clash, it must end in a draw. You can make the fight as big and flashy as you want, but in the end, the character with the advantage must win. As for the environment and circumstances of the fight, the character simply must be 'defeated', not killed. ((Unless the owner wish for it))

Important Note 1: Strength beats skill, skill beats speed, and speed beats strength.

Important Note 2: If two combat types clash, it must end in a draw. You can make the fight as big and flashy as you want, but in the end, the character with the advantage must win.

~ Please PM TBA for more info on this.


The official monitors for this thread are: TBA
If you break any of the rules, or continuously ignore the guidelines, then you shall be awarded a strike.

On your fourth strike you will be given a three day ban from the RP, on your fifth a week long ban, sixth is a month long ban, and then finally a seventh strike will result in a permanent ban from the RP.

If an RP moderator requests that you delete or edit a post, then you must do so or else be given a strike.

If you post in the RP while banned then you will be banned from the group.
If you feel that a moderator had treated you unfairly, please PM Scratch Board with your complaint.
Make sure to include a screenshot to prove that you were the on in the right.

Done reading? Come on over & join us! Bring along your friends too.


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